AG体育APP Global Impact Map

Help us map the global impact of AG体育APP! 

Enter any community, church, ministry you can pin that we know an AG体育APP person’s life has directly contacted. Include as many as you know!

  1. Click on the BUTTON (link) below to access the interactive map

  2. Enter the city or address in the search bar where you would like to place a pin

  3. Click on the green pin this creates and select “add to map”

  4. Enter names of AG体育APP people you know are associated with that place

  5. If you need to delete a mistaken pin you made, select it and then hit the trash can that appears. (If using a phone, make sure your phone is turned to the side for a wider screen in order to see the trash can option.)

  6. Please be careful not to adjust the settings. Inherent in a map that is open for all to edit is the potential for things to get jumbled up.

  7. Pass this along to others who may be interested in contributing!

Jonathan Norton